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C3™ Multi AFO Contracture Splint
Series 58-220XXX

C3 Multi AFO Contracture Splint The HealWell® Ankle/Foot (AFO) Contracture Splint maintains functional alignment of the foot and ankle. Completely suspends and protects the heel from pressure or friction. Lightweight, spring-action Kydex® plastic yields to the contracture. Features an adjustable, padded toe post, padded ankle strap, and hip rotation control bar. C3™ Tri-Laminate foam material with a liner to help wick moisture into the foam inner layer. C3™ material allows for changes in the amount of swelling. Antimicrobial protection. Color: Black.

HCPCS Code: L4398
Series Sizes Mens
58-220401 Small 4 - 5 3 - 6
58-220503 Medium 6 - 9 7 - 10
58-220607 Large 10 11
58-220705 X-Large Over 10 Over 11

Size according to US shoe size. Fits right or left.