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EpiSport® Tennis Elbow Brace
Series 19-600XXX

EpiSport Tennis Elbow Brace Worn during activity or sports play to hold the forearm tendons in a more parallel position to minimize stretching and tearing. Helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with the movement of the forearm. Lining absorbs shock and helps keep moisture away from skin. Ideal for wear during tennis, golf, weight lifting, and work activities. Fits right or left arm. Color: Black.

HCPCS Code: A4465
Series Sizes Fits
19-600 X-Small 8 - 9"
19-600 Small 9 - 10"
19-600 Medium 10 - 11"
19-600 Large 11 - 12"
19-600 X-Large 12 - 13 ½"

Measure 2" below the elbow.