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Soft Form® Wrap-Around Stabilizing Knee Support
Series 37-303XXX

Soft Form Wrap Around Knee Support This knee support is made with soft, breathable foam material that is both neoprene and latex free. This unique material provides compression to the knee with a soft, plush fabric against the skin. It is non-irritating and perfect for those with sensitive skin. The wrap-around design makes application easy for swollen or injured knees. Features flexible medial/lateral spiral stays to provide side-to-side stability to the knee joint. Condyle pads offer additional padding and stabilization to the patella. An open popliteal at the back of the knee eliminates bunching and irritation behind the knee. Two adjustable support straps give an improved fit that stays in place. Color: Beige.

HCPCS Code: L1815
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Series Sizes Fits
37-303 X-Small 12 - 13"
37-303 Small 14 - 15"
37-303 Medium 16 - 17"
37-303 Large 18 - 19"
37-303 X-Large 20 - 21"
37-303 XX-Large 22 - 23"
37-304 3X-Large 24 - 25"

For correct sizing, measure 4" above
center of knee. Fits right or left.