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HealWell® Soft Ease™ Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender
Series 58-240XXX

HealWell Soft Ease Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender Designed to position the foot with the heel completely suspended, the Soft Ease™ has a unique shape that allows the heel to float in an air cavity with absolutely no contact. An integrated toe post protects the toes from contact with bed linens, and the resilient plastic base maintains a neutral foot position. Straps are adjustable to accommodate changes in swelling, and the super soft laminated foam material cushions the leg, with extra comfort padding at the sensitive Achilles area. The cover is one complete piece that can be easily removed for laundering.

HCPCS Code: L4398
Series Sizes Mens
58-240 Small/Medium 4 - 9 5 - 10
58-240 Large/XLarge 10 - 13 Over 11

Size according to US shoe size. Fits right or left.