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Activa® Soft Fit Graduated Therapy, 20-30 mm Hg
Series H37 (Pantyhose)
Series H38 (Thigh High with Lace Top)
Series H39 (Mid Thigh High with Uni-Band Top)
Series H30 (Knee High, Closed Toe)
Series H304 (Knee High, Open Toe)

Activa Soft Fit Graduated Therapy Designed to prevent venous disorders of the leg such as varicose veins, spider veins and ankle/foot swelling. Provides moderate graduated compression to increase circulation in the legs.

Knitted with Microfibers, this medical hosiery has a cotton-like softness that wicks moisture away. Elegant in its sheen and softness, it is a support hose with the feel and look of tights. Relieves leg fatigue and heaviness, ankle and foot swelling, mild spider veins, varicose veins, and for post-Sclerotherapy.

Balloon comfort toe. The Pantyhose (H37) features a cotton panty. The Knee Highs have a non-binding top band and are available in either a closed toe (H30) or open toe (H304). The Soft Fit Hosiery is also available in a Lace Top Thigh High (H38) and a Mid-Thigh High with uni-band top (H39). Colors: Ivory, Barely Beige, Black.

HCPCS Code: See chart below.
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Series Sizes Desc. Colors Sugg.
H37 S - XL,
Pantyhose Barely Beige,
Ivory, Black
H38 S - XL,
Thigh High, Lace Barely Beige,
Ivory, Black
H39 S - XXL Thigh High, Uniband Beige, Ivory, Black L8130
H30 S - XL,
Knee High, Closed Barely Beige,
Ivory, Black
H304 S - 4XL Knee High, Open Beige L8100

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