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Activa® Surgical Weight Support, 30-40 mm Hg
Series H42XX (Thigh High)
Series H43XX (Knee High, Closed toe)
Series H44XX (Knee High, Open toe)

Activa Surgical Weight Support Professional, surgical-weight graduated compression hosiery for healthy, great feeling legs. The 30-40 mm Hg of compression helps promote blood circulation. Ideal for chronic leg fatigue, ankle and leg swelling, venous insufficiencies, and for post-sclerotherapy and vein surgery.

Thigh High (H42) has a comfortable elastic leg band that will stay in place without the use of a garter belt. Knee Highs feature a comfortable leg band that will keep the stocking in place without constricting and are available with a closed toe (H43) and open toe (H44). Color: Beige

HCPCS Code: See chart below.
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Series Description Sizes Sugg. HCPCS
H42 Thigh High S - XL L8140
H43 Knee High, Closed toe S - XL L8110
H44 Knee High, Open toe S - XL L8110

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