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Soft FormĀ® Thermal Lumbar Support
Series 31-600XXX

Thermal Lumbar Support Ideal for men and women needing treatment for minor back aches and pains resulting from sprains, muscle soreness and strains, cramping, or contusion (bruising) and can be worn during activity or when standing or sitting for an extended period of time. Features a reusable, soft gel pack insert that can be heated in the microwave for therapeutic heat or chilled in the freezer for cold therapy. A mesh pocket holds the gel insert over the lower lumbar region. Plush elastic criss-cross straps evenly distribute compression across the entire lumbar region and provide additional support. Constructed of a unique tri-laminate material with two anti-roll stays and an easy hook and loop closure. Color: Beige.

HCPCS Code: L0625
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Series Sizes Fits
31-600 Small 28 - 32"
31-600 Medium 33 - 36"
31-600 Large 37 - 40"
31-600 X-Large 41 - 44"

Measure around fullest part of the abdomen.