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FLA V-Loc™ LSO Spinal Orthosis
Series 32-150XXX

FLA V-Loc LSO Spinal Orthosis
US Patents 5,207,636; 5,267,948
The FLA V-Loc™ LSO helps alleviate pain and speed rehabilitation by providing effective stabilization and unloading on the spine. Rigid anterior and posterior panels stabilize the spine, restrict range of motion and control pelvic tilt and rotation. The V-shape in the anterior panel and the patented strapping method provide hydrostatic lift to help relieve the load and stress on the spine. Elastic inserts give a conforming fit around the hips, and the fully adjustable, patented closure system does not rely on elastic, for an extended product life. The ultra-thin profile allows for comfortable, inconspicuous wear. For men and women. Color: Black.

HCPCS Code: L0627
Series Sizes Fits
32-150 Small 24 - 28"
32-150 Medium 29 - 33"
32-150 Large 34 - 39"
32-150 X-Large 40 - 44"
32-150 XX-Large 45 - 49"
32-150 XXX-Large 50 - 55"

Measure around waist at navel.