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Rx Advantage is a discount prescription drug program for patients without prescription coverage. Formerly called ScriptCard and ScriptCard Plus, we are advancing the program to offer a wider range of more affordable prescription drugs. By lowering the retail price of pharmaceuticals, Rx Advantage offers much needed relief from the rising cost of health care for the uninsured.
Rx Advantage was uniquely designed for customers like you - customers who appreciate the premium and personalized service available only at your locally owned community pharmacy. By providing discounts on pharmaceuticals through Rx Advantage, your pharmacists at Island Drug and La Conner Drug are passing on the savings to you and making affordable medications accessible to everyone. It’s just one of the many ways Island Drug and La Conner Drug are helping our community, your family, and you.
This plan offers an expansive list of $4 generic drugs. All of these select drugs are available in quantities of 30 for $4, 60 for $8 or 90 for $10.  For drugs not on this current list we still offer a discount of the usual and customary price, including compounded drugs.  You will find these discounts extremely competitive, if not the best around.  If you find a price that is better elsewhere, please let us know as most often we can match!


Complete the attached form and submit it to the pharmacy. The pharmacist may ask you a few questions before enrolling you and your family into the program. Once enrolled, you will receive a membership card. Simply present your card when you get prescriptions filled at any of our locations to receive the premium service and special discounts that the Rx Advantage program offers.
Rx Advantage does more than lower your cost for prescriptions - it also promotes good health. Staying consistent with the health care providers your trust is important, and using one pharmacy for all your prescription needs will significantly reduce your risk of adverse drug interactions and side effects. Ask your Island Drug / La Conner Drug pharmacist to transfer all your prescriptions to one of our convenient locations.
You will be given helpful and precautionary instructions regarding your medications and current illness state. Individual time spent on counseling is an important service that customers have come to expect from your pharmacist at Island Drug and La Conner Drug, and Rx Advantage makes it easier than ever before.


Simply fill out the form below and give it to anyone in the pharmacy, where you will receive your own Rx Advantage membership card. Sign the back of the card for validation and prepare for special savings on your prescription purchases as well as the tremendous amount of non-rx products and services we offer. Enrollment takes just minutes and is only a one time $5 enrollment fee, so sign up and start saving today!

Click here to print an Rx Advantage Application


Upon signing up for Rx Advantage you will be given an automatic 5% discount on everything in the rest of the store; this is a tremendous savings opportunity! We have a fully stocked over-the-counter, vitamin, and natural products department, an award-winning gift department, a full-service Home Medical Equipment Department, and brand name favorites like Yankee Candle and Burt’s Bees. Along with that 5% discount, you will be signed up for our loyalty rewards program:

your loyalty rewarded

You're a loyal Island Drug and La Conner Drug customer, and we appreciate your business. To reward your loyalty we’re offering you incentive bucks (iBuck$) to save you more money on the things you buy every day! Every time you shop at Island Drug or La Conner Drug with your iBuck$ card, you’ll earn 5 iBuck$ for every dollar you spend ($1=5iBuck$). Current prescription customers receive double iBuck$, so for every dollar you spend you get 10 iBuck$ ($1=10iBuck$). For more details about how iBuck$ can benefit you, ask a cashier today!