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Whidbey Wellness

Fully stocked natural remedy section.  For one-on-one coaching thru diet and supplementation, please check out our new service Prescriptive Optimization

Whidbey Wellness carries:

  • Herbs (teas and tinctures)
  • Nutritional Supplements (vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients and amino acids)
  • Essential Oils
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Fiber Supplements
  • Homeopathics (single and combination remedies)
  • Natural Childrens Supplements and Herbs
  • Protein Powders
  • Probiotics
  • Natural Suppositories
  • Natural Toiletries (shampoo, shave, sunscreen, lotions, cleaning products)
  • Natural Hormone Replacement

We also offer the following services (see our Health Screening page for more details):

  • Fat/Lean Body Mass Analysis
  • Blood Typing
  • Bone Density Screening
  • Blood Pressure (Free)
  • Cholesterol, HgAlc, Blood Glucose Testing