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Take this opportunity to meet our team members.

Natalia and her group work the front part of our Oak Harbor store. This group has put forth enormous efforts to not only get people thru the vaccine line, but field questions — even when the answers aren’t what they want to give.

We are all in this together.

Please understand that the entire team at Island Drug & La Conner Drug are working hard to get as much vaccine distributed to the community as possible. We are also working hard to communicate maximally along the way.

We still have staff adjusting the schedule to match supply allocations for the upcoming week at this late hour on a Sunday, it is a total team effort.

Thanks for reading/watching. We hope to see you in store for a vaccine soon!

7 thoughts on “We Made The News

  1. I received my first dose on January 19th and my appointment for a second dose March 3rd has been cancelled and changed to March 24th. Therefore my second dose is useless. I now have to find a place to start over sometime this fall where I can get both doses 4 weeks apart. La Conner Drug has totally failed.

    1. Hang tight on second dose
      The state has had problems filling their booster commitments
      It should be fixed shortly
      Once we have shipment confirmation, we will get those distributed
      The 4 weeks is also not the end. It can be longer, 6 weeks maybe more.


    Your non-stop clarification of this out-of-control situation is amazing. Your customer service has always been excellent. We can now add your Vaccine Awareness protocol to the list. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

    Jim Freeman, Freeland

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