Streamlining Rx Pickup

We are transforming your prescription pickup.


One of the COVID-19 experiences we have deployed β€” both with vaccines and testing β€” is keyword texting. Basically, a way to queue and prioritize from the convenience of your phone.

Now, we roll out the feature to schedule your trip to the pharmacy for prescriptions.

Texting PickupRx and the details of what and when you are picking up to our public phone numbers β€” or using a web form β€” kicks off the process.

This allows our staff to ensure all your items are ready BEFORE you arrive as expected.

Then once you are here, all that is left is a card swipe and signature. No, looking, checking, finishing up etc.

In. Out.

That simple.

Here is a visual:

Why is this necessary and beneficial?

Well technically it is not necessary.

But, many scenarios exist driving us to offer this enhanced service level.

As prescriptions come into us, we don’t know who is coming in today or next week.

So, if you leave your doc expecting a prescription, use PickupRx so our staff can process your new Rx ahead of next-week guy. Want to pick it up after work? Use the example above!

Sometimes we have to special order a medication. Others we have to discuss prescriptions with insurance companies before the prescription leaves. Many other scenarios abound, but you get the point.

So, its beneficial because we can align our workflow to match your schedule.

Our staff are excited to roll this out

With the fluidity accompanying this pandemic, process changes elicit an expected response from our staff.

With PickupRx though, our team is excited to improve your experience.

Streamlined visits are more enjoyable from our side of the counter as well.

Start Today

This feature is live at all three stores now.

Our public phone numbers all accept text messages:

  • Oak Harbor 360.675.6688
  • Clinton 360.341.3885
  • La Conner 360.466.3124

Remember to include the PickupRx keyword (watch your autocorrect…it likes to throw in spaces)

So, try it today!

No phone or texting? No problem. The web interface is available here:

Prescriptions not yet moved to us? That’s an easy fix to, simply transfer your prescriptions via this link. Then engage the PickupRx service.

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