Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions

Our pharmacist team will be focusing on this topic in 2023.

Certain medications and medical conditions coincide with lessened nutrient availability.

We will be reviewing and making general recommendations as well as recommending products. It will be an ongoing project and we appreciate your feedback or suggestions for additions to this list, please use the contact form below.

PLUS, products recommended come with a 15% OFF discount and can be shipped anywhere!

Here is more technical description of the depletion landscape:

Occurrences of drug-induced nutrient depletions are complex, resulting in inconsistent prevalence among patients taking the same medications with generally the same exposure.1 Nutrient depletions can occur from many pharmacologic treatments, and patients who take more medications may be more likely to have reduced levels of certain nutrients.1,2 While some nutrient depletions may be intentional (i.e., cancer treatments depleting folate), others may result in new comorbidities or unintended consequences.1,3,4 Often the mechanisms by which these depletions occur, and their subsequent outcomes, are not well understood.3 Although these nutrients are present in common foods, they are not present in sufficient levels or are present with bioavailability challenges.5 Therefore patients may require supplementation to avoid deficiencies.

US Pharm. 2019:44(12):18-24. emphasis added
Depletions Contact

Expanding $0 Vaccines Arrive Jan 1

Good News!

As part of the recent ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ we can report the following improved access to vaccines”

Starting in 2023, people with Medicare Part D drug coverage will pay nothing out-of-pocket for even more vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, that are recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.1

Which vaccines are recommended by ACIP?

The full adult list is found here.

Shingrix, the shingles vaccine, is one that is expensive and many plans didn’t fully cover. As of Jan 1, it goes to $0.

Many people will also be interested in Boostrix (Tdap) as that also often left out-of-pocket costs.

As always, we are proud of being your Most Convenient Vaccination Destination. Please come in any time and we can administer your vaccine. If possible please complete the intake form in advance, https://islanddrug.com/vaccine

  1. https://www.medicare.gov/about-us/inflation-reduction-act

Flu is Here — So is Nat’l Flu Vaccine Week

Its here early AND often.


Our region is currently among the highest nationwide.


Every year in December the CDC observes National Influenza Vaccination Week.

This year it happens to fall at an opportune time to remind those who haven’t had a chance to get a flu vaccine.

Even better CDC says this year’s flu vaccine appears to be a very good match to circulating strains.

We are proud to be Your Most Convenient Vaccination Destination and still have both the over and under 65 year old formulations in stock.

Simply fill out this web form at https://islanddrug.com/vaccine and head on in! Don’t worry if you’d prefer to fill out a paper form, we still have those in store as well.

We have rapid COVID/Flu tests as well. Those with symptoms qualify for FREE here https://islanddrug.com/covidtest

  1. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/index.htm
  2. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/index.htm

Join Our Team!

Springing into fall has been quite the adventure so far.

Increased demand for rx and vaccine services — both the new booster and flu shots — has stretched the capacity of our team.

This isn’t a unique happening.  More than three-quarters of community pharmacists say they are having a tough time filling open positions.

If you or someone you know wants be part of a dynamic team working hard to serve their community, apply today (either below or at https://islanddrug.com/apply ). We have openings for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants, and an administrative assistant. Full or part time.

This video is a preview of the team you are joining:

Job Application

Job Application

you can check multiple stores if flexible
Maximum upload size: 516MB


AS OF 1/15/2023 ALL STORES TRICARE CLAIMS ARE PROCESSING NORMALLY ONLINE. We are happy to welcome back those who were inconvenienced by this unwarranted service interruption. Simply click here to transfer your prescriptions back or have your doc send new ones over.

Well, that’s the way we see it.

Below is the back story — TRICARE moved to shrink its network disproportionately removing the ability for beneficiaries to choose local independent pharmacies.

Clinton and La Conner cannot process rx claims.

Our Oak Harbor location still has a contract that is processing claims though.

So, we will continue servicing vaccines and medications for TRICARE.

We will deliver Rx’s for Clinton and La Conner for pickup from Oak Harbor (this may take an extra day or so to arrive at the remote store).

VACCINES: we will still administer vaccines for TRICARE beneficiaries at all three locations.

Many parties are still trying to rectify this atrocious move by DHA. Here is an update on all the action from National Community Pharmacy Association:

NCPA October 24, 2022

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) is the latest to raise concerns with the Department of Defense over the new Tricare pharmacy contract that excludes most independent pharmacies. In a letter to Seileen Mullen, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Kelly requested immediate action so that Tricare beneficiaries retain access to retail and community pharmacies. Kelly’s letter follows bipartisan efforts on Capitol Hill demanding answers from DOD and action to ensure beneficiary access, including letters from Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), a letter signed by 100 members of Congress that was led by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga.) and a letter from House Armed Services Committee Member Mike Johnson (R-La.).

We will post updates here as they become available.

Original Post:

Many TRICARE beneficiaries have received letters like this.

Local Impact

How does this impact our region? A picture is worth a thousand words…

These are all the TRICARE addresses we proudly served since Jan ’21.

It is also an understatement as many of the vaccine only patients present Medicare cards, so those aren’t in this data set.

Why Did TRICARE Make These Changes?

Recently, the Department of Defense awarded a $4 billion contract to Express Scripts (to manage the prescription benefit) and at the same time reduced the size of the retail pharmacy network.

The Federal government has demanded a 33% reduction in its pharmacy network. Department of Defense leadership instructed Express Scripts to eliminate over 15,000 pharmacies from its current network.

Pharmacies directly contracted with Express Scripts were purposely not offered participation in this network for 2023. It is beyond unconscionable for the federal government to target community pharmacies in this severe restriction of provider access. This is a gross misuse of federal tax dollars paid by the very businesses being excluded.

This action will take pharmacy choice away from you, and from millions of other active and retired military and their families.

What are we doing

We are actively engaged with Senator Murray and Congressman Larsen’s office. They are working to gather information and see what can be done.

Senator Cantwell’s office has not replied (unfortunately).

UPDATE, here is a letter Congressman Larsen signed on to, waiting for Murray/Cantwell

What Can You Do?

  • Submit a complaint about your pharmacy of choice being excluded from the TRICARE network by calling 1-877-363-1303 or sending an email to DOD.customer.relations@express-scripts.com. Also mail a hardcopy of your complaint directly to:
    Defense Health Agency
    Pharmaceutical Operations Directorate
    7700 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 5101
    Falls Church, VA 22042-5101
  • Contact your U.S. senators and representative. Look up their contact information here:


  • Share your story on social media, tagging @MilitaryHealth, @TRICARE, and @ExpressScripts in your posts.
  • Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Current Action

Please do not take any action on these notices at this time. As we are actively trying to achieve a resolution.

To be safe, if you are looking to get a COVID shot or any other vaccine, and only have TRICARE insurance, please come in before Oct 24 just in case there is a brief interruption.

We will have an update before the Oct 24 date. We have a backup plan in place to keep offering TRICARE beneficiaries the same access to generic medications here if there is an interruption.

Additional Thoughts

Our company has been serving those who serve for decades. In fact, this achievement was so noteworthy to our former owner, it was in his obituary:

“In 1986, Bill bought Island Drug in Oak Harbor, Wash. He added a number of innovative services, including a drive-up window, prescription delivery, nursing home consulting, compounding and homemade fudge. His was the first pharmacy on Whidbey Island to accept Champus Military Insurance, which was greatly appreciated by the families of the military personnel stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. https://whidbeyweekly.com/obituaries/william-richard-bulpin/

Express Scripts is contracted by DHA (Defense Health Agency). We are a sub-contractor of Express Scripts as they process electronic prescription claims, but they also compete against us by offering mail order services. But on a different playing field as the pricing to beneficiaries is vastly skewed in favor of mail. The playing field is set by the DHA contract.

Our message to DHA is two fold:

  1. Our role in the community is established after decades, and most recently in the vaccine rollout. Can you imagine if everyone but TRICARE beneficiaries were allowed to get vaccinated with us, the most accessible COVID vaccine site north of Seattle? This is a pic of just one week of vaccines provided during Spring 2021
  2. DHA should follow the message on the official @POTUS twitter account and NOT exploit community pharmacies. Rather, allow true competition and don’t force beneficiaries out of the local community and into certain national companies.

    TRICARE beneficiaries should hold the decision making authority on where they choose to access prescription benefits — on an even playing field.

Here is a video recap of the role we play locally.

“Thanks for Being Here” — Reflection & A Request

Being here may not be an option if the government separates us from our customers.

Inflammation Antidote

Well, that’s not a FDA-approved term, but an easy way to think about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Breathing 95% O2 in a pressurized chamber transforms oxygen from gas to liquid in the blood and allows for greater distribution.

Inflammation thrives in low oxygen environments1.

Can you see where this is going?

From arthritis to brain fog, increased oxygenation can be beneficial.

Inflammation and associated conditions runs with aging. They even crafted a term “Inflammaging” 2 which describes how inflammation and aging go hand in hand.

So, if HBOT is the inflammation antidote, how does it work on aging?

Turns out a new study concludes it reverses key aging markers 34.

So, who might benefit from HBOT? Anyone who has a few aches and pains plus an increasing number of birthdays under their belt.

We have specific protocols and experiences with arthritis, post concussion/strokes, cancer, Autism, and many more scenarios.

Please see our HBOT page for more details on how to get started.

  1. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2017.00324/full
  2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25921609/
  3. https://www.aging-us.com/article/202188/text
  4. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2213231722001240

2022-23 Flu Shots are here!

All locations will accept walk-ins, no appointment required (best times between 10a-5p), but please have the form filled out…see below.

We are also eliminating paper forms!

Please use the button below to fill out your vaccine intake PRIOR to arrival, so our team can process in advance:

Here is a preview of the flu season based on what Australia is seeing…

“Thanks for Being Here” — Reflection & A Request

We were humbled to hear these words every day during the vaccination effort.

But, Being Here isn’t a given.

That was crystalized during the COVID-19 era, especially locally owned businesses.

To continue Being Here we hope to see many of you return as pharmacy customers — Rx’s can be transferred here.

Please see this video for the full story.

Thanks for supporting us being here!

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GreaterRx: Dramatic Rx Discounts

Better than good, you might say.

We value our insurance partners, they provide a needed service.

Many though, seek alternatives to some constraints included. Monthly or quarterly fills. Mandated mail order. You get the picture.

Numerous generic drugs are cheap. Cheap enough to provide a convenient alternative. This, and our teams desire to provide a valuable service, drove us to create another new offering.

GreaterRx now offers deep discounts on bulk supplies of generic drugs.

Select a 6-12 month supply of any medication on the list and get an instant price. You can even use the included calculator to see if it makes sense for you based your copay rates.

The generic drug market fluctuates, so get your quote today!

Permanent page for future reference is https://islanddrug.com/GreaterRx, but you can get your quote here as well:


Please type your normal copay here, it is repopulated with an average number we see across all generics.
Please type your normal copay here, it is repopulated with an average number we see across all generics.

Based on average across all generic drugs above $0 copay

Based on average across all generic drugs above $0 copay

To lock in this price, please continue. Quote/price not valid unless form is submitted, a confirmation email will follow.

Complete the email and pickup /mail fields.

Please also check the box below acknowledging there are no insurance options with this special 6 month - 1 year pricing. This includes receiving no credit towards deductible or any other insurance spend metric.

Quote is good for 5 business days, unless our wholesaler is out of stock.

We need a valid Rx sent to us that has enough quantity to fill the quoted number of tablets above. Rx's can be faxed, sent via electronic prescription to your preferred location, or you can fill out a transfer request here.

One more thing, if you haven't filled with us previously, please complete this patient intake form as well.

Terms / Conditions

Now Serving Camano Island!

Service Excellence, Delivered Locally.

Our tag line applies once again with this latest service offering.

Camano Island lost their only pharmacy in early 2019. A story repeated all too often across the country —  2003 to 2018, 1,231 of the nation’s 7,624 independent rural pharmacies closed.

A recent JAMA article concludes “pharmacy closures are associated with persistent, clinically significant declines in adherence to cardiovascular medications among older adults in the United States”.

Back to Camano.

We just hired a pharmacist at our La Conner location. She happens to live in Camano, not too far from the old pharmacy there. Robin asked if she could help deliver our services locally.

Starting Saturday, Feb 26th, Robin will personally deliver prescriptions filled from our La Conner location to a mutual pickup point at the IGA store in Camano Plaza (directions/map here). We are starting with twice a week, two hour windows, Tuesdays and alternating Friday/Saturday. As demand increases, we will work to expand days and hours.

To participate in our new Camano Service, a simple two step is all it takes:

  1. Fill out our intake form
  2. Complete a transfer request OR ask your doctor to issue new prescriptions to La Conner Drug

For those not in Camano but in our other service areas, please consider supporting local pharmacies by transferring Rx’s our way. Thank you

Calendar is below and this page can always be found at https://islanddrug.com/camano or https://laconnerdrug.com/camano

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