Vaccine Stocked?Yes – Moderna, Pfizer, & J&J/Janssen
Current Phase Immunizing: (pls sign up below for phase/eligibility change notification emails) Anyone 16 yrs and over.

We are excited to welcome these groups to book an appointment now (we pride our selves partly by having LOTS of openings):

5/7/21 Update: Mass Clinic for 12 yr +*

*We timed this clinic to coincide with the anticipated approval of Pfizer FDA approval of for 12-15 year olds. Although, all ages 12 and over are welcome! This will be the case ongoing at ALL our appointments after approval.

With this special group of newly eligibles, we reached out to our local pediatrics office to have docs/nurses on hand. Nobody knows this age better!

4/30/21 Update: NEW Simplified Appointments — All 3 Vaccines All 3 Stores EVERY Day

Your community-based vaccination effort continues. Our team of volunteers (vaccinators / ushers) and staff crossed 55,000 doses administered.

As supply has caught up to demand, simplicity now overtakes the complicated.

We are happy to offer all three COVID-19 Vaccines every day at all three locations. You will find the first two weeks of May on our appointment page now!

Lines have dissipated too, becoming more light and variable. We also have a live store traffic feature. Pharmacy and vaccine customers alike can check if now is a good time or maybe a bit later in the day, etc.

With more weekday appointments in Oak Harbor available than we expect to fill each day, walk-ins are welcome all day every weekday as well. More on this below.

We will now come to your workplace. Anywhere in the Puget Sound region. We just ask for a minimum of 40 people. Please have us come to your office/community by filling out this form.

One other quick new feature to share – we now have digital vaccine records availableRegister, online here. You will receive a custom link with vaccination type, lot, and date. A cool, convenient, and shareable backup to the cards issued.

Second Doses — Both Moderna & Pfizer

Please make this 2nd dose due date calculator your primary resource for determining when to book your next appointment. We post appointments weekly. If you don’t see your date available yet, sign up for notifications of new appointment postings.

due date calc
Please enter email to have your due date sent for future reference.

Second Doses from other vaccination sites

We are proud to assist people to complete their series from those beginning at other providers. Many people are having challenges getting their second shot where they got their first. Please book an appointment.

Want to be the first to be notified of new appointments?

Enter your email here to get notifications before the webpage, and public at large.

Vax Appt notification


We are happy to accommodate walk-ins between 9-5 p daily @ OAK HARBOR ON WEEKDAYS ONLY.

We just ask you make an appointment (for any time that day, we have more than enough slots), even if you want to come by spur of the moment. The appointments also collect all the clinical and necessary consents digitally, saving trees and time in store.

EVEN IF YOU DON’T make an appointment. We want to vaccinate everyone, please spread the word we are here to help. See our accessibility options below.

Industry Leading Accessibility

We take accessibility seriously.

We know the lines can grow at times. If you have mobility issues, we move you to the front. If you can’t get out of the car, we will come to you in the parking lot.

If the technology aspect of this process gets a bit much. Just walk-in (4-6p M-F, Oak Harbor).

If you have trouble getting thru on the phone lines, please make your accessibility request in our drive thru.


We have experienced amazing support from volunteers in recent weeks. Both Vaccinators and Ushers. Simply amazing.

Improving access to our La Conner and Clinton stores will be driven by volunteer availability. Please keep checking our site, some new spots are open now. As volunteer vaccinators schedule shifts, we will open appointments.

Wait List

To ensure doses don’t go unused at the end of our day, we are rolling out a new notification platform.

If we have extra doses from no shows or any other reason, we will notify everyone on the list by email and text. An embedded link will provide you the opportunity to reserve an extra dose IF you are available to be at your nearest one of our locations within 20 minutes. Once the doses are spoken for, no more reservations will be accepted that day.

Your willingness to come get vaccinated on short notice helps us ensure minimal waste of this publicly provided resource. All are encouraged to register.

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February 2021

Now, some important procedural details

For those getting second doses will require proof of the original shot. Your CDC vaccination record card is the documentation we need. If you don’t have it with you, we can look it up. But, that may cause a delay in store.


Please come prepared to EASILY expose your deltoid.

Much time can be saved by planning ahead.

Another pro-tip.

Long sleeve button up dress shirts by-in-large don’t easily get to the sweet spot. If they do, its done by force and puts pressure on the vascular beds— in the same area our needle goes. Yes, that sets you up for needing a bandage.

Please don’t forget to bring your cell phone and use the text message arrival process. This helps us manage traffic flow and keep social distancing. All our landlines accept text messages.

Upon arrival to our parking lot, please text the full names of everyone in your party receiving a vaccine, along with our keyword “anticovid”.

Here is the example for Oak Harbor arrival, using our phone number 360.675.6688:

Please use these tools BEFORE attempting contact with staff

And now, a Thank You.

Thank you for the outpouring of support and appreciation from so many.
Thank you to our staff and volunteers for their efforts. Long hours. Changing variables – sometimes hourly. Sacrificing family time in lieu of improving public health. Well done.

Island Drug is proud to again serve in the role of Your Most Convenient Vaccination Destination, just as we did during the H1N1 pandemic.

Input email address to stay current!

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