If you have landed on this page, it is likely because there was an exception noted on an rx you have in process.

We value your time and want to avoid any unnecessary trips to the pharmacy, especially in cases where an rx is not ready.

Below are the common status reasons provided along with the meaning and next steps:

StatusNext Steps
Waiting on OrderFull supply is not in stock.  In many cases we have enough to get you through until full quantity is available.  Please reply if you can NOT wait until the next day at approximately 12pm (we receive shipments daily M-F) and want us to fill a partial amount while we wait for shipment.  
Denied-Contact OfficeSometimes, refills are not approved until you are seen by the prescriber.  Please contact your prescriber for more info.
High CopayWe have noted an unsually high amount adjudicated by your insurance.  Please call us for more info including if you want us to proceed in filling
Waiting on Prescriber ResponseMany times we reach out to the prescriber to resolve any clinical problem or potential problems as identified by our pharmacists.  Please let us know if you want more details.
Insurance RejectionThe claim for your Rx was rejected by the insurance company.  Please contact us for more information on resolution options.
Early FillYour insurance company has indicatated the requested fill is too soon.  
Need Insurance Info.The claim did not go through and the response indicated  that you may have a new card, please forward.
Prior Auth RequiredMore and more insurances are requiring dialog with prescribers to ensure all possible less expensive therapies have been appropriately evaluated before moving to a more expensive option.We have already forwarded the appropriate info to the prescriber, and once we receive authorization we will proceed.
Misc DelayPlease contact us if you have received this message

If you have received a text or an email with one of these codes, you are also set up to receive a ready notification as soon as the status is cleared.  

To convert your Rx Number to a drug name, please use our web portal and or smartphone apps to see your whole profile:


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