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Better Communication & Pharmacy Access — Our New Years Resolutions

COVID-19 brought many things. For us, an opportunity to be part of a community response. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers have performed exquisitely making vaccines available and now FREE testing. As our company approaches 100,000 COVID-19 vaccines administered, we are moving to re-establish customer communication and pharmacy access. Every time there is aContinue reading “Better Communication & Pharmacy Access — Our New Years Resolutions”

New TRICARE Customers

December 15th we are excited to welcome new TRICARE customers. Walmart is no longer accepting TRICARE as of that date. If you have a prescription at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or any other impacted pharmacy, you need to transfer it to a new network pharmacy before Dec. 15. https://newsroom.tricare.mil/Articles/Article/2832307/changes-coming-to-tricare-retail-network-pharmacies We have a seamless process to transferContinue reading “New TRICARE Customers”

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