Vaccine Stocked?Yes – Moderna & Pfizer
Current Phase Immunizing: (pls sign up below for phase/eligibility change notification emails)1a2 (Health Care & LTC)
1b1 (65+ yrs and 50+yrs in multigenerational)

We are excited to welcome these groups to book an appointment now:

  • All people 65 years or older
  • All people 50 years or older in multigenerational households
  • All workers in health care or long-term care setting
  • you are welcome to keep checking for openings as people do cancel and move around

NEW APPOINTMENT LOOKUP TOOL – Appointment Management Instructions

2/28/2021 Update — Big Week Ahead!

Another week of both boosters (2nd Shots) and prime (1st shots — new series).

We have increased our throughput with amazing volunteer vaccinatorslearn more here — thank them! Additional volunteers are helping with state-mandated data entry. Usher volunteers have been assisting with line management and assisting customers as they proceed to the vaccinator. Since many have asked how they can help, this form is now available. Thank you all, what a community!

Our plan this week

How about this for a twist? Our Moderna booster shots came EARLY! So, we have the allocation on hand for everyone who is due March 1-6 (that got their first dose with us).

The new shipment of Pfizer first doses will arrive by noon Monday.

So, we moved Monday’s 2nd shot appointments and condensed them from 8a-12p. Further, we shifted all first shot appointments to noon and after.

Tuesday will be a mix of first and second-dose appointments. At some point Wednesday we will be back to just boosters. If you have appointments this week, please be on the lookout for schedule tweaks as we continually evaluate inventory and assess how many people showed/no-showed for appointments.

PLEASE come during your appointment time (double check the time before you come on the APPOINTMENT LOOKUP TOOL)— both 1st and 2nd dose bookings. As our team works to get this vaccine in arms quickly, there is NOT enough room for walk-ins or schedule deviations. We appreciate your support here.

Speaking of appointments, we have a special opportunity for those receiving boosters this week. Saturday, March 6th, we are offering a booster clinic at Oak Harbor High School Gym. We are putting this on with local first responders (Fire, County Dept Emergency Mgmt, etc). So, please take advantage of this weekend opportunity and expanded parking. Thanks to everyone involved!

Now, some important procedural details

These boosters are ONLY for those who received their first dose with us AND who are due. Our pharmacists will administer NO early boosters per CDC guidelines. Second shots for the Moderna vaccine are at least 28 days after the first.

If you got your original shot with us and are due, but didn’t book a second dose appointment, please schedule one at the high school clinic. Again, we are NOT accepting walk-in boosters this week. This is a change from last week’s messaging.

We will require proof of the original shot. Your CDC vaccination record card is the documentation we need. If you don’t have it with you, we can look it up. But, that may cause a delay in store.


For those who have appointments, the best way we can reduce your time in line is by having completed paperwork with you upon arrival. Our revised vaccine administration form can help (this is a new form, please ensure you bring the current version). Using Adobe Reader, it now allows attaching images (insurance cards and ID) directly inside the form. Simply print off using your color printer. This allows you to skip the copy machine line and get in the queue for our pharmacist right away!

Also, please don’t forget to bring your cell phone and use the text message arrival process. This helps us manage traffic flow and keep social distancing. All our landlines accept text messages.

Upon arrival to our parking lot, please text the full names of everyone in your party receiving a vaccine, along with our keyword “anticovid”.

Here is the example for Oak Harbor arrival, using our phone number 360.675.6688:

Please use these tools BEFORE attempting contact with staff:

And now, a Thank You.

Thank you for the outpouring of support and appreciation from so many.
Thank you to our staff for their efforts. Long hours. Changing variables – sometimes hourly. Sacrificing family time in lieu of improving public health. Well done.

Island Drug is proud to again serve in the role of Your Most Convenient Vaccination Destination, just as we did during the H1N1 pandemic.

please note there are multiple appointment types, choose appropriately

Here’s What To Expect During Your Visit:

  • We are set up to maintain social distancing guidelines(pls still wear a mask!), even with our normal pharmacy customer flow. Lines will be segregated.
  • You will come in during the hour you booked your appointment, for example anytime between 9-10am if you grabbed the 9a slot. We don’t want everyone coming in promptly at 9a! Your time in store won’t be very long, the hour range is just to ensure our occupancy stays within the guidelines.
  • Upon entering the store, you will either present your form or be asked to fill out your form before proceeding to the pharmacy. Dedicated socially distanced standing desk areas are available, but please fill out in advance if you are able – saves time for all involved.
  • With a completed form, our front desk staff will direct you to the Covid Vaccine line near the pharmacy (again, separate from the pharmacy line). It is marked with yellow tape for distancing. Please do not head to that line until directed. You may stay with household members with in the 6 feet and in the immunization room.
  • When you are at the front of the line, a technician will call you up to review your insurance information.
  • Then, you proceed to the pharmacist when directed.
  • After your shot, guidelines ask you to hang around our store for 15 minutes. We want to make sure no adverse reactions happen. You will receive a text message at the start and conclusion of your 15 minute evaluation period. It may be done in your car or shopping around the store.
  • We will notify you when the second dose is due (30 days).

  To make the process FASTER in-store, please fill out this form in advance AND bring your insurance card!

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