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What do I need to know about the Blood Pressure Kiosk?
The PharmaSmart PS-2000 kiosk,Ā found at all three of our convenientĀ locationsĀ , allows you to reliably track your blood pressure over time. If you use a personal Smart Card, the Kiosk will print out the average of your last 10 blood pressure and pulse readings, along with the date of each reading. It will also provide an average of your most recent 10 readings. This printed report can be shared with loved ones or your health care providers to help better manage your health.

What is the on-line Blood Pressure Trackerā„¢?
PharmaSmart’s Blood Pressure Trackerā„¢ web portal allows you to access all of your Smart Card readings on-line. It also makes it easy for you to share your personal Blood Pressure Trackerā„¢ page with your loved ones or healthcare provider. Like the PharmaSmart kiosk and the Smart Card, the Blood Pressure Trackerā„¢ portal is easy to use, and 100% confidential.

Why is blood pressure important?
1 in 4 people worldwide have high blood pressure, including 1 in 3 Americans. High blood pressure is a top contributing factor to many serious health problems, including: stroke, kidney failure, heart failure, heart attack, and even diabetes. Because all of these can kill people, high blood pressure is often called “the silent killer.”

Small changes in pressure can make a significant change in life expectancy, so it is important for you to know your blood pressure, and keep it controlled.

Why should I keep track of my blood pressure?
It is normal for blood pressure to fluctuate from minute to minute. This makes it challenging to accurately diagnose high blood pressure, and to be sure that once treated, you have it under control. Our pharmacy partners, in teamwork with PharmaSmart, can help make it easier for you and your doctor to manage your blood pressure.

How can PharmaSmart help me manage my blood pressure?
Pharmacies offering the PharmaSmart program provide the tools to help you track your blood pressure over time, and accurately report your blood pressure results to your healthcare provider. Their qualified pharmacists can also help you interpret your blood pressure results, and provide valuable consultations between your regular doctor visits.

Our website will help you locate one of our participating pharmacies , how to obtain your own blood pressure Smart Card, and how you can use our unique Blood Pressure Trackerā„¢ website to track of your blood pressure history, and share your readings confidentially with a loved one, or healthcare provider.

Be Smart. Track Your Blood Pressure!

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