What is Medicine-On-TimeĀ®?
One tablet two times a day three capsules four times a day, and two gel caps before bed… who can figure it out? With Medicine-On-TimeĀ®, you don’t need to. This revolutionary new personal prescription system takes the daily hassle out of following doctor’s orders, juggling prescription bottles, and remembering when to take your medications.

How Does It Work?
Each tamper-evident bubble holds up to twelve tablets or capsules, is hermetically sealed, and labeled with the patient’s name, contents, and precise date and time to take your medications.

Individual dosage bubbles are assembled to look and function like a calendar.  The Medicine-On-TimeĀ® card can be formatted for either a weekly or monthly cycle depending on your needs.

Medicine-On-Time – Patient Animation from Chad McAllister on Vimeo.

What About Refills?
No more racing to the pharmacy. No more waiting in line at the prescription counter. Island Drug will synchronize your refills and prepare your next package well in advanced of running out.

It’s a Reminder
Medicine-On-Time can send a discreet text message to your mobile phone OR email ā€”with instructionsā€” every time you’re scheduled to take your meds. A friendly little prompt to help keep you on track.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Simply present thisĀ formĀ along with your prescriptions at the pharmacy. (New patients will additionally have to fill out theĀ patient intake form.)
  2. Your pharmacist custom sorts your prescription medications using Medicine-On Time’s patented computerized packaging system.
  3. You just take your medications at the date and time indicated on the bubble.
  4. The automatic refill system alerts you and your pharmacist well in advance, ensuring you’ll never run out.
  5. Finished Medicine-on-time packages can be picked up at either location, delivered on our normal delivery routes, or sent out to those who prefer mail order service (via USPS).

Contact Island Drug’s North Whidbey location OR La Conner Drug to get started today!

Medicine-On-TimeĀ® eliminates the confusion of combining medications.  It is estimated that 50-70% of all prescription medications in the United States are taken incorrectly. The annual statistics for prescriptions misuse are staggering:

  • 50-70% of all prescription medications in the United States are taken incorrectly
  • 25% of all older adult hospitalizations are related to taking prescriptions incorrectly
  • 8.76 million hospital admissions, costing $47.4 billion
  • 3.1 million nursing home admissions, costing $14.4 billion
  • 115 million physician visits, costing $7.5 billion
  • 76.3 million additional prescriptions, costing $1.93 billion

While the financial impact of medication non-compliance is staggering, the ultimate consequence extends far beyond dollars and cents. More patients in the U.S. die each year from medication mismanagement than from AIDS and automobile accidents combined.

In an Assisted Living or Skilled Care setting, Medicine-On-TimeĀ® radically changes the nature of medication management by decreasing labor, shrinking, liability, and streamlining the distribution of medications for residential patients. Staff will no longer spend hours sorting and setting up pills. Medicine-On-TimeĀ® moves that task back to the pharmacy. Residentā€™s medications come pre-poured in ready-to-use, tamper-evident medication cups. The cups are sealed and clearly labeled until the moment of administration. With Medicine-On-TimeĀ®, medications make the journey from the pharmacy to the resident sealed in their original pharmacy containerā€”eliminating staff pill handling, the risk of spillage, and virtually all medication errors.

The Medicine-On-TimeĀ® System also eliminates med-pass rush hour. Since medications are not poured, the sealed dosage cups can be assembled and prepared well in advance of the actual distribution. And because distribution is limited to only those meds required at a specific pass time, staff is no longer tied to those cumbersome medication carts.

Medicine-On-TimeĀ® frees care providers to focus not on the delivery of mediations, but instead on the delivery of quality patient care.

For the physician, Medicine-On-TimeĀ® enables doctors to spend less time explaining complex drug therapies and dealing with the repercussions of medication mismanagement and more time caring for more patients. Thatā€™s just one reason why physicians recommend their patients use Medicine-On-TimeĀ®. The process virtually eliminates medication errors. When physiciansā€™ orders are followed, patients get better faster and stay healthier longer. Medicine-On-TimeĀ® is just what the doctor ordered!

STUDY: Nursing Home Admission 3 times LESS LIKELY with Medicine-On-Time!

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