Cognitive Testing

You know you want to know…

Ok, I forgot where my keys were. And maybe where my wallet went. Is there more to the story?

Brain Health Progression:
Normal -> Cognitive Decline -> Dementia / Alzheimers’

That may be simplistic representation, but catching a decline and taking action before the end stage is critical — and action can alter progression.

Now you have an accessible and affordable way to keep tabs using advance Adaptive Psychophysics technology.

Pricing & Appointments

Two options for pricing:

  1. Cash pay
    • $49 for one test
    • $45 each for a couple
      • For current pharmacy customers, take an additional $5 off these prices
  2. Bill insurance
    • Current insurances we can bill just like your doctor thru your medical insurance plan:
      • Premera, Kaiser, First Choice Health, United Heath Care. Regence is imminent (check back soon)
    • Benefits to using insurance is you are just responsible for a copay ( normally around $30) AND you get additional clinical review relating to cognitive decline risks from current medication and medical conditions.
We expect Regence to be added to this list any day now. Please check back if you want to have this visit billed to them.
Scheduling by store is only offered up to two weeks in advance as we match the testing device to the pharmacist schedule. Please check back regularly for more appointment openings as they become available.
Visuospatial: Do you...
Executive Function: Do you...
Naming/Language: Do you...
Memory and Delayed Recall: Do you...
Lifestyle: Do you...
Sleep Disorders: Do you...
Cardiovascular: Do you...
Metabolic Disorders: Do you...
Neurologic Disorders: Do you...
Hormonal Imbalances: Do you...

Sample Report

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