your routine prescriptions synchronized    

intelligent Prescription Synchronization

Would you like all of your monthly prescriptions at one time but currently get them at different times of the month? iRxSync is the solution!

Our pharmacist led team will work to coordinate all of your prescriptions so they can be filled on the same day each month. This will make it easier for you since all your prescriptions can be picked up on only one trip each month!

iRxSync solves the following problems:

  • Forgetting to order refills
  • Running out of refills and contacting the doctor
  • Making multiple unnecessary trips to the pharmacy
  • Spending time managing your prescription therapy instead of doing enjoyable things like making it home on time for dinner!

How iRxSync Works

  • 9 days before your current supply is due to run out, our team begins evaluating the status of your prescription regimen.
  • First, the team looks to see when you last picked up your meds to determine the date you will need a new fill. This is important because the day we fill it isn’t always the day you pick it up and using your pick up date allows greater efficiency.
  • Then our team looks to see if all prescriptions have refills, if they don’t we contact the doctor on your behalf.
  • Once all refills are in fact refillable, we schedule them for fill a few days before you are due to run out.
  • On the day they are filled, you receive a text message or e-email notifying you ALL of your prescriptions are ready for pickup at your convenience!

Pickup Notification

A great service that we can link to iRxSync is the text notification. Receive a text or e-mail when your prescriptions are ready for pick-up. E-mail notification for iRxSync customers only. No Waiting!

Click here to print the iRxSync Application

Terms and Conditions

iRxSync will not be available for “as needed” prescriptions. By applying for iRxSync you agree to receive periodic e-mails and/or texts from Island Drug. Copyright 2012 Island Drug.

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