Inflammation Antidote

Well, that’s not a FDA-approved term, but an easy way to think about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Breathing 95% O2 in a pressurized chamber transforms oxygen from gas to liquid in the blood and allows for greater distribution.

Inflammation thrives in low oxygen environments1.

Can you see where this is going?

From arthritis to brain fog, increased oxygenation can be beneficial.

Inflammation and associated conditions runs with aging. They even crafted a term “Inflammaging” 2 which describes how inflammation and aging go hand in hand.

So, if HBOT is the inflammation antidote, how does it work on aging?

Turns out a new study concludes it reverses key aging markers 34.

So, who might benefit from HBOT? Anyone who has a few aches and pains plus an increasing number of birthdays under their belt.

We have specific protocols and experiences with arthritis, post concussion/strokes, cancer, Autism, and many more scenarios.

Please see our HBOT page for more details on how to get started.


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