Expanding $0 Vaccines Arrive Jan 1

Good News!

As part of the recent ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ we can report the following improved access to vaccines”

Starting in 2023, people with Medicare Part D drug coverage will pay nothing out-of-pocket for even more vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, that are recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.1

Which vaccines are recommended by ACIP?

The full adult list is found here.

Shingrix, the shingles vaccine, is one that is expensive and many plans didn’t fully cover. As of Jan 1, it goes to $0.

Many people will also be interested in Boostrix (Tdap) as that also often left out-of-pocket costs.

As always, we are proud of being your Most Convenient Vaccination Destination. Please come in any time and we can administer your vaccine. If possible please complete the intake form in advance, https://islanddrug.com/vaccine

  1. https://www.medicare.gov/about-us/inflation-reduction-act

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