Some medications or associated conditions can either contribute to nutritional depletion or present an opportunity to add nutritional support.
Our pharmacists will be working to help guide your thru the various options.

Each results page will include four main components (in most cases):

  1. A curated set of supplements on our partner FullScript’s site.
    You can purchase the whole cart or make adjustments, for delivery to your door or store.
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  2. Alternatives from Amazon or another retailer. Buying from our links supports building this resource out.
  3. Pharmacist Notes
  4. Refernces to scientific literature supporting the recommendations from a national database.

This beta version is released in 2023, but we will continually be adding to the dataset over time, we appreciate your support.
To provide feedback, please use the dedicated contact form on this blog article describing the project.

simvastatin (aka Zocor)

Metformin (aka Glucophage)

omeprazole (aka Prilosec)

atorvastatin (aka Lipitor)

lovastatin (aka Mevacor / Altoprev)

Pitavastatin (aka Livalo / Zypitamag)

Pravastatin (aka Pravachol)

rosuvastatin (aka Crestor)

lansoprazole (aka Prevacid)

pantoprazole (aka Pantoprazole)

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