Managing Your Covid Vaccine Appointment

A number of requests and questions presented deal with canceling or changing Covid Vaccine Appointments. Below you will find the tips manage your appointment(s) from your phone or computer independently.

Post Booking

Ok, you selected a time and made an appointment on our booking platform, or found an appoint on our lookup tool— that’s where this story begins.

Two Emails + a calendar entry

The system will send two emails after confirmation, like so:

Depending on your email platform, a calendar entry may also appear (this example from

I can’t find any emails!

Two possibilities here.

  1. It may have gone to a spam/junk or other folder in your email account. First, step is a search using the email address of our booking system account:

    The same emails from above appear.
    You can also use the same email query to search your calendar:

    And, there is the March 26th entry from our example.
  2. If neither of these locate any results, we experienced a technical issue around the system launch (Jan 9-12). So many bookings occurred, our Microsoft Office 365 service capped outbound confirmation emails. Unfortunately, those aren’t recoverable. Please send us a note with any cancellation requests if neither search tricks in #1 work.

The Magic Link

In each of the emails and calendar entries described above lies a magic link.

This link allows independent management (both modification and cancellation).

Let’s find ‘em…

Magic Link: Emails

Opening the first email example

You will find a Manage Booking Link:

Opening the second email example (with the calendar item attachment, and our logo at the top)

then scrolling to the BOTTOM of the message

you will find a ‘Change your appointment’ link

Magic Link: Calendar Entry

Opening your calendar entry, near the top, you will find a link called Manage Booking. This looks like the first email example just above.

Magic Link: When found and clicked

Thank you for using the Magic Link

With the desire for so many to be vaccinated against Covid-19, our incoming has been voluminous — even that is an understatement.

By using the features of this booking system independently, you allow our team the ability to focus on customers in store and those who need personal assistance by phone, email, or text.

Thank you again for being such superb partners as we work together as a broader community in advancing public health.

13 thoughts on “Managing Your Covid Vaccine Appointment

  1. Are my husband and I still confirmed for two Covid vaccinations; first one this Wednesday, Feb 3

      1. I looked up the appointments with my email and nothing pops up. I have emails to confirm the appointments and the last email I got from Island Drug where I looked up the appointment confirmed it as well. The appointments are on the 8th of February. Is there a reason it doesn’t show the appointments now?

      2. the appointment lookup tool is currently offline while we update the bookings to reflect today’s supply update, will be up later

  2. Perhaps your software team managing appointments, could require the dose #1 vaccination date and vaccine lot number from the DOH card be entered PRIOR to being able to enter the appointment booking site for dose #2 appointments?

    I need my second dose, and have a dose #2 appointment, but am worried it will be cancelled. Could a field be added to “manage my appointment” that allowed us to enter our 1st vaccine information? That would save your staff wondering if the appointment is legitimately a second dose.

  3. I don’t know what happened but we were rescheduled and followed the protocol. I have called 3 times. texted. Left messages of the last week because we were told that if. you didn’t arrive with copies of your insurance you would be turned away. We finally found a place to make copies. We checked last night and today on your online tool to see if our schedule was still today and it was. My parents went today at 6pm for their appointment as listed in your scheduling tool. Their original appointment was moved. When they arrived tonight, they were told they were out of the vaccine and no other information other than that. No one informed us. It’s not showing on the scheduling tool, and there is no email. No phone call. I have no one I can speak to about if they will be rescheduled? I don’t know who to talk to about how this works? Are they next in line when you get the vaccine? Did you run out today or yesterday? Can anyone help?….

  4. We finally received a third update today, a change in their appointment. However, it now says my parents need to text when they arrive. My parents aren’t able to, what other options do they have? I leave messages here because no one answers the phones or emails back or texts back. Thank you.

  5. Also, I’m trying to use the “Change your appointment” Link as stated above since you have moved their schedule to early evening and it’s not the best for my mother to drive then so we would like to change it back to the afternoon. However, the link doesn’t work. If you could provide a number where I could speak with someone it would be greatly appreciated.

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