A Community Coming Together

As we continue tallying up shots in arms — up over 50,000 now — many people ask how? Below is a statement issued to a reporter recently. The answer in short being its a team effort.

It takes a village the saying goes.

116 vaccinators reached out. 453 non-medical inquired.

Volunteers coming in working feverishly to beat back a pandemic. To reunite families.

A community staying engaged with the ever-changing circumstances of vaccine supply ups and downs. Expressing overwhelmingly appreciative sentiments — many shed tears of joy. Some give gift cards to volunteers or handwritten notes to staff. Even food from time to time.

County staff/departments supporting our efforts every day. Even cooperatively engaging first responders and volunteers alike to put on two successful mass clinics at the high school (another tomorrow). State DOH staff taking our calls and emails advocating supplying our community this valuable resource.
These experiences motivate our team to perform at a high level every day. And sacrifice to be at work extra hours despite leaving exhausted.

We are proud to play a role in vaccinating our neighbors at home and in the broader Puget Sound region. We are proud to be part of this community effort.

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