COVID Vaccine β€” The Next Phase β€” 2 New Offerings

We appear to be crossing a threshold.

Vaccine supply/demand now favors inventory on hand. We have a lot of all three manufacturers. And, we have increasing appointment openings.

With that, we have a couple exciting offerings.

Traffic Flow Indicators

COVID-19 vaccine experiences rightly associate with long lines. We have seen it here and our mass clinics.

Now, as supply overtakes demand, the lines will dissipate. But, not entirely.

So, we now have live traffic indicators. This will allow you to view our on the ground situation and plan accordingly.

A stoplight shows for each location.


Easy in, easy out. Minimal to no lines. Parking good.


Some lines present. Moving steadily. Some parking.


Lines present and longer – may be outside the door. Moving but the wait may be 15 min or longer. Parking full, may have to find a spot down the road a bit.

Great for pharmacy customers too!

Our pharmacy customers are awesome! We appreciate them sticking with us thru this vaccine experience.

This tool will allow them to know as well what the situation is on site.

Workplace / Community Onsite Vaccines

With good supply and a little more time, we can now venture out and reach people where they work and live.

Many people who work haven’t had time to invest in the big vaccine clinic experience.

So, we come to you!

Simply fill out this form to get in contact.

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