Better Communication & Pharmacy Access β€” Our New Years Resolutions

COVID-19 brought many things.

For us, an opportunity to be part of a community response. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers have performed exquisitely making vaccines available and now FREE testing.

As our company approaches 100,000 COVID-19 vaccines administered, we are moving to re-establish customer communication and pharmacy access.

Every time there is a change in COVID vaccine and testing guidelines β€” yes, it happens from time to time β€” our phones get overrun. More calls come in than staff on shift β€” by about 10x or more at times.

We are diverting some COVID-19 duties away from pharmacy staff to ensure their accessibility to pharmacy customers.

Phones / Communication

For all COVID-19 vaccine and testing calls, the staff at option 2 (for Gift Department) are set up and trained to handle inquiries. This includes assistance with appointment and the like.

While we can’t say there still won’t be times where more people call than are working, we can say the new system is working well so far.

Please do NOT ring the pharmacy staff (option 1) for COVID questions.

We also have a dedicated digital communications supervisor covering inbound email and text messages (you can text our landline numbers!) to ensure responses are issued.

Pharmacy Access

We are also separating COVID-19 testing from pharmacy customer lines.

This means when you visit the drive thru or pharmacy counter, you won’t be behind those looking to get tested!

Our testing queue will remain in their cars and only come in (for just long enough to swab) and be serviced at areas separate from the pharmacy pickup. We are managing testing via our custom texting platform, please don’t forget your phone! Instructions are provided upon registration.

This strategy will serve well to keep symptomatic people away from the general pharmacy and vaccine public as well bring back priority access to our pharmacy team for our valued prescription-filling customers.

Thank You!

We appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we worked thru COVID β€” especially our pharmacy customers.

As you visit for testing and vaccines, please consider transferring your prescriptions here. Our pharmacy team values the opportunity!

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