A Community Coming Together

As we continue tallying up shots in arms — up over 50,000 now — many people ask how? Below is a statement issued to a reporter recently. The answer in short being its a team effort. It takes a village the saying goes. 116 vaccinators reached out. 453 non-medical inquired. Volunteers coming in working feverishlyContinue reading “A Community Coming Together”

Our Week as COVID Vaccinators: Feb 1 thru Feb 6

There are weeks, and then there are WEEKS. Vaccine Supply Adventures We started the week feverishly adjusting schedules. Allocations were slashed, so we pushed appointments back. Then on Monday a surprise. Just like drawing a certain card in Monopoly: How we proceeded with the extra doses After discussion with multiple WA Department of Health employees,Continue reading “Our Week as COVID Vaccinators: Feb 1 thru Feb 6”

Our Week as COVID Vaccinators: Jan 25th-Jan30th

As are most these weeks lately, we had a dynamic experience this week. Vaccines Administered We had light orders arrive. But, proceeded to make do with what we had. La Conner Our La Conner store received a supply from Skagit County. Our team there worked hard vaccinating all day Tuesday. This site joined Oak HarborContinue reading “Our Week as COVID Vaccinators: Jan 25th-Jan30th”

Managing Your Covid Vaccine Appointment

A number of requests and questions presented deal with canceling or changing Covid Vaccine Appointments. Below you will find the tips manage your appointment(s) from your phone or computer independently. Post Booking Ok, you selected a time and made an appointment on our booking platform, or found an appoint on our lookup tool— that’s whereContinue reading “Managing Your Covid Vaccine Appointment”