“Thanks for Being Here” β€” Reflection & A Request

We were humbled to hear these words every day during the vaccination effort. But, Being Here isn’t a given. That was crystalized during the COVID-19 era, especially locally owned businesses. To continue Being Here we hope to see many of you return as pharmacy customers β€” Rx’s can be transferred here. Please see this videoContinue reading ““Thanks for Being Here” β€” Reflection & A Request”

GreaterRx: Dramatic Rx Discounts

Better than good, you might say. We value our insurance partners, they provide a needed service. Many though, seek alternatives to some constraints included. Monthly or quarterly fills. Mandated mail order. You get the picture. Numerous generic drugs are cheap. Cheap enough to provide a convenient alternative. This, and our teams desire to provide aContinue reading “GreaterRx: Dramatic Rx Discounts”

Now Serving Camano Island!

Service Excellence, Delivered Locally. Our tag line applies once again with this latest service offering. Camano Island lost their only pharmacy in early 2019. A story repeated all too often across the country β€”  2003 to 2018, 1,231 of the nation’s 7,624 independent rural pharmacies closed. A recent JAMA article concludes “pharmacy closures are associated withContinue reading “Now Serving Camano Island!”

Streamlining Rx Pickup

We are transforming your prescription pickup. Excited? One of the COVID-19 experiences we have deployed β€” both with vaccines and testing β€” is keyword texting. Basically, a way to queue and prioritize from the convenience of your phone. Now, we roll out the feature to schedule your trip to the pharmacy for prescriptions. Texting PickupRxContinue reading “Streamlining Rx Pickup”

Better Communication & Pharmacy Access β€” Our New Years Resolutions

COVID-19 brought many things. For us, an opportunity to be part of a community response. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers have performed exquisitely making vaccines available and now FREE testing. As our company approaches 100,000 COVID-19 vaccines administered, we are moving to re-establish customer communication and pharmacy access. Every time there is aContinue reading “Better Communication & Pharmacy Access β€” Our New Years Resolutions”

New TRICARE Customers

December 15th we are excited to welcome new TRICARE customers. Walmart is no longer accepting TRICARE as of that date. If you have a prescription at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or any other impacted pharmacy, you need to transfer it to a new network pharmacy before Dec. 15. https://newsroom.tricare.mil/Articles/Article/2832307/changes-coming-to-tricare-retail-network-pharmacies We have a seamless process to transferContinue reading “New TRICARE Customers”

NEW Virtual MD β€” Combat Nighttime Urination & Brain Fog

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Mark Duncan closely on many patients who want to venture outside the standard treatments. We have built an excellent working relationship and a collection of successful experiences improving health outcomes. One avenue is compounding β€” the custom formulation of ingredients by pharmacists. Compounding is a greatContinue reading “NEW Virtual MD β€” Combat Nighttime Urination & Brain Fog”

COVID Vaccine β€” The Next Phase β€” 2 New Offerings

We appear to be crossing a threshold. Vaccine supply/demand now favors inventory on hand. We have a lot of all three manufacturers. And, we have increasing appointment openings. With that, we have a couple exciting offerings. Traffic Flow Indicators COVID-19 vaccine experiences rightly associate with long lines. We have seen it here and our massContinue reading “COVID Vaccine β€” The Next Phase β€” 2 New Offerings”