NEW Virtual MD — Combat Nighttime Urination & Brain Fog

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Mark Duncan closely on many patients who want to venture outside the standard treatments.

We have built an excellent working relationship and a collection of successful experiences improving health outcomes.

One avenue is compounding — the custom formulation of ingredients by pharmacists. Compounding is a great way to tailor a solution to an individual.

For compounding to work, step one is for the prescriber to understand the terrain. Understandably, many don’t — there simply isn’t enough time to consume all the conventional medical literature and alternative approaches. So, for many the process stops before it starts.

With Dr. Duncan and I, we have combined our knowledge/experience to offer this service to many patients thru our practices — him at North/South Island Medical, me at Island Drug.

A few of these compounds are so effective and safe, in addition to not requiring lab work, we want to share with a broader population.

Prescriptive Optimization (Aaron’s Health Coaching Site) now offers virtual consults with Dr. Duncan to clinically screen for appropriateness of two exciting compounds.

Clioquinol is a topically applied zinc based medication that nourishes the prostate. Lowering zinc ties to declining prostate function. We see multiple nightly trips to the restroom — devastating sleep — reduced to 1 or none within days!

Synapsin is a nose spray with a combination of two ingredients nourishing the brain. One is an anti-inflammatory, the other is an energy precursor. The combo combats brain fog and fosters a pronounced improvement in deep sleep. Stress causing brain inflammation. Know anyone with a little stress?

More may come on line soon.

If you know anyone who can benefit from less nighttime pee stops or unrelenting brain fog, you now have an option.

Simply fill out the consult form on the Prescriptive Optimization site. After submitting, it lands you at Island Drug where you can choose pickup or mail. Currently, we only mail in WA state. Then, if Dr. Duncan approves, a prescription is faxed in to Island Drug. Our compounding lab will begin work soon after.

We hope you or someone you know will benefit from our experience by taking this highly accessible onramp to alternative options. Options we have witnessed deliver remarkable results.

Thanks for reading, please don’t hesitate to share!


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